Health, Safety & Environment

Platform Petroleum's HSE Commitment: Nurturing a Safe and Sustainable Tomorrow

At PPL, It is our policy to protect and sustain the environment where we operate in.  We are committed to reducing our impacts on the environment and people through the above demonstrated best practice tools. We are further guided by local regulations & international best practices

 In addition, PPL understand the importance of sustainable development which has been demonstrated by our culture towards sustainable exploitation that guarantees adequacy for present and future generations.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

PPL strictly complies to the EIA regulation in Nigeria and also aligns its EIA to international safeguards requirements of IFC, World Bank, etc.

Environment Management System

Our operations and exploration programs are administered under a robust Environment Management System subsumed under an integrated HSE-MS

Climate Change

We are constantly reducing our GHG emissions footprint through significant investments in gas utilization facilities and quarterly monitor and report same in line with IPCC and GHG Protocols

Pollution Prevention

Our wastes management plan and spill prevention/containment facilities including ESI mapping of our field has been critical to preventing pollution to our environment

Social Impact

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