Governance Policies

At Platform Petroleum Limited, we uphold robust governance policies to ensure ethical conduct, foster a respectful workplace culture, and maintain integrity in all our operations. These policies guide our interactions within the company and with external stakeholders, reflecting our commitment to responsible business practices.

Anti-Discrimination, Bullying, and Harassment Policy

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment that prioritizes fair treatment and dignity for all individuals. Any form of discrimination, bullying, or harassment is strictly prohibited within our organization as we endeavor to cultivate an atmosphere characterized by mutual respect and understanding.

Child and Forced Labour Policy

We strongly condemn the utilization of child labor and forced labor in any facet of our operations or supply chain. Adhering rigorously to both local and international labor laws and regulations, we guarantee that all individuals engaged in our business endeavors are willingly employed and meet the legal working age requirements.

Conflict of Interest Policy

At the core of our corporate ethos lie transparency and integrity. Our Conflict-of-Interest Policy outlines comprehensive guidelines and procedures aimed at identifying, disclosing, and managing potential conflicts of interest with precision. Through the maintenance of clear boundaries and impartiality, we uphold the trust of our stakeholders and adhere unwaveringly to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Gift and Hospitality Policy

We acknowledge the significance of nurturing positive relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders, albeit always with utmost integrity and transparency. Our Gift and Hospitality Policy sets forth clear guidelines to ensure that all exchanges of offerings and entertainment, whether given or received, are appropriate, lawful, and safeguard our independence and integrity without compromise.

Value Creation

We proactively identify and deliver meaningful and sustainable benefits to stakeholders, seeking opportunities to innovate, improve, and provide exceptional products or services.


We adhere to relevant laws, regulations, standards, and internal policies governing our operations, ensuring that all activities and behaviors align with internal guidelines and best practices.

These policies undergo regular review and updates to align with evolving best practices and regulatory mandates, ensuring our continued adherence to the highest standards of corporate governance. 

At Platform Petroleum Limited, we steadfastly uphold the pinnacle of corporate governance standards, guided by our foundational values of integrity, respect, and responsibility. These values serve as the bedrock of our commitment to building trust, nurturing inclusivity, and propelling sustainable growth for the mutual benefit of all our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance

Ethics and Transparency