The Egbaoma gas plant was conceptualized during field development planning. The plant was installed in 2010 to process 30 MMSCF/D wet gas into lean gas, natural gas liquid (NGL), LPG and excess propone. After 70% divestment to PNG Gas Limited, the plant revamping commenced in 2014 and was commissioned in 2016. The plant capacity is 30MMSCFD and can be scaled up to 60MMSCFD.

Storage facilities include 9 LPG tanks with a total storage capacity of 639MT, 5 propane tanks with a total capacity of 320MT, and 2 storage tanks for natural gas liquids with a total storage capacity of 10,000 barrels. Egbaoma Gas Company currently owns 75% percent of the Plant which is strategically positioned in Nigeria’s gas hub within the prolific and proven oil basin in the onshore area of the Niger Delta.

The plant sits on 77,343 sq. m of land wholly owned by the Company, covering 65% of the land mass. The plant has an estimated useful life of 20 years. There is vacant land available for expansion of plant capacity and new projects.

Egbaoma Gas Processing Company Ltd. (EGPCL)

ASE River Transport Company Limited