Our History

Platform Petroleum Limited (PPL) was incorporated in 2001 as an indigenous oil and gas exploration and production company in Nigeria. Created to target Nigeria’s policy to encourage indigenous participation in the oil and gas sector. At the marginal field bid round exercise of 2002/2003, PPL was awarded its flagship asset, the Egbaoma Field (formerly Asuokpu/Umutu), one of twelve such fields released by the Shell Joint Venture into a pool of 24 fields that were on offer.

We take great pride in being pioneers in our class, as evidenced by our achievement of bringing our field into production back in 2007. Subsequently, in 2010, we embarked on a strategic partnership with Shebah E&P and Maurel & Prom to establish Seplat, a Special Purpose Vehicle aimed at acquiring onshore assets during the initial divestments by the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC). Which is hailed as the foremost divestment exercise between the IOC’s and indigenous players in Nigeria. Today, Seplat stands tall as one of the leading energy companies on the African stage, enjoying listings on both the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

At Platform Petroleum Limited, we are committed to responsible operations. Our dedication to the Egbaoma asset has resulted in the production of over 12 million barrels of crude oil and condensates, along with a remarkable 115 billion standard cubic feet of associated gas over the past 17 years.

Notably, we have also achieved full gas commercialization on our asset, supplying approximately 35 million standard cubic feet of gas daily to the local market through, LPG, CNG offtakers and via the NGC’s OB3 Gas pipeline network.

Over the past twenty years since commencing operations on July 01, 2002, Platform Petroleum has developed substantial capacity and demonstrated proven capability in delivering fast-track field development.

Platform Petroleum is currently expanding its portfolio through a series of acquisitions to further solidify its position in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. In pursuit of this goal, Platform established a special purpose vehicle, Platform Petroleum JV Technical Limited (PPJV TECH), through which it acquired both equity and operating interests in three marginal fields: Hely Creek, Kuri, and Benin Estuary, between 2021 and 2022.

These milestones underscore our unwavering commitment to growth, sustainability, and excellence in the energy sector. We look forward to continuing our journey with dedication and innovation, contributing to the energy landscape and the development of Nigeria and beyond.